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pillowcase-service-project-1Pil­low­case Project

Today we had an awe­some activ­ity. We worked on fill­ing pil­low cases to give to scout who lost every­thing in the Okla­homa tor­na­does last week. We are going to send them later this week to a Scout­mas­ter in Okla­homa City who will make sure they are deliv­ered. We invited Cub Scout pack 324 to join us.

Why a pil­low case? What was in it? Well we used a pil­low­case so they can carry or store it. What we put in it was food, lit­tle toys and mark­ers. We also gave them paper, note pads, pen­cils, and play­ing cards. We drew pic­tures and words of encour­age­ment on the pil­low case to make it happy look­ing (some of them were really good too). Some had just pic­tures or said Troop 356 while oth­ers had pic­tures of flags and palm trees or tic-tac toe games. I was happy to see that every­one brought some­thing and the bags looked very full.

This was a really good project and I think all the scouts had a good time doing it. We will be send­ing about 50 pil­low­cases to the boys in Okla­homa. We know that we helped fel­low scouts in need.


Raylen Smith
Life Scout
Troop webmaster

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